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Commercial Flooring in Kettering.

Wood flooring, lvt Flooring, Carpet tiles, Carpet, Laminate flooring and Sheet vinyl All supplied and fitted in offices, Shops and all commercial buildings in Kettering and surrounding areas.

At Kettering Carpet Supply Commercial, We understand choosing the right Flooring for your office or commercial work place can be a hard task.

It is for this reason we offer a wide range of flooring all very durable and fit for the purpose its needed for whether its for a care home or a hotel. With our years of experience and knowledge in the flooring industry we can offer the best service and advise needed from start to finish.

Lvt Flooring 

Lvt flooring is very robust, Hard wearing, Water proof and perfect for most commercial areas. The commercial product can be used in just about all spaces

Lvt flooring comes in a plank form in many different designs and can be laid in many different ways.

To lay lvt flooring you will need a level sub floor. This can be achieved by latexing the floor with a leveling compound if its being fitted on to concrete. Our you can over board the floor if its being fitted on wood floor boards.

At Kettering Carpet Supply Commercial we can take care of all prep work and fitting for you. Just use the contact us form below to arrange a quote or we can answer any questions you may have.

Commercial flooring kettering

Sheet Vinyl

Commercial sheet vinyl comes in 2 3 and 4 meter widths its has an r10 and above safety non slip Guarantee.

Commercial Vinyl comes in many different styles and patterns. It can be used in many different areas of a business from the shop show rooms to toilets store rooms and many more.

Vinyl flooring is laid out over the floor in a large sheet form you would then full stick the flooring to the floor with a trowel on adhesive making the flooring fully stuck. This will stop any rips and movement to the floor.

When fitting vinyl flooring you would need to make sure the flooring its going on to is a level floor. We can take care of all the prep work needed for this. Just use the contact us form below to get in touch.

commercial vinyl flooring kettering

Commercial Carpet

Commercial carpet is perfect for Hotels, Care homes, Office spaces and any area where you would prefer a little more comfort on the feet. it comes in 4 meter widths and is easily joined so no matter the size of the room its the perfect solution.

Unlike like standard domestic carpet. Commercial carpet comes with a gel backing. This makes the carpet a lot less absorbent to spills and gives the carpet a lot more strength and stability. which is needed for high traffic areas.

The carpet will normally be fully stuck to the floor however unlike most other commercial flooring types there is very little floor prep work needed.

To arrange a quote or if you have any questions please use the contact us form below to get in touch.

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